The “Vyazanka” brand helps families take care of one another, gather loved ones at the table, and please them with the food they especially love.

We know what products mothers choose and what families will appreciate and like. This is why “Vyazanka” products are made from choice ingredients and do not contain soya, hot spices, or artificial flavors. Our products have a natural meat flavor liked by both children and adults.

“Vyazanka” brand products are made following classic recipes, with particular attention to quality. We care for the food preferences of all family members, which is why “Vyazanka” offers a wide variety of products: sausages, ham, wieners, cooked sausages, etc.

“Vyazanka” products are easy to find in stores because of the unique cotton net packaging. The brand name emphasizes the shape and appearance of the product.

For several years, “Vyazanka” has been the №1 brand* chosen by moms with children among all cooked sausage producers in Russia. “Vyazanka” is a National Award Winner of “2020 Product of The Year” in the nomination “For Customer Care and Natural Ingredients.” in 2017 and 2019, “Vyazanka” was recognized by consumers as the “№1 Brand in Russia” in the “Meat Gastronomy” category. The young brand is the holder of the highest awards of prestigious competitions: “100 Best Goods of Russia,” IFFA, “Prodexpo.”

“Vyazanka” is what links us together!

*Data provided by Ipsos Comcon, an independent research agency, based on the “Rosindex-2019/IV wave”


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