Healthy lifestyles and diets have been one of the most pronounced consumer trends in the past few years.
According to the GfK research agency, more than 58% of shoppers in Russia say they make healthy food choices when selecting consumer goods. Some customers lead a healthy lifestyle with their families. Such consumers are more attentive to choose products for their loved ones and assess food products for their ingredients and quality. Abi supports consumers’ choice for a healthy lifestyle and diet.
Abi meat products - nourishing, simple, and easy-to-prepare. Products, that are accessible for consumers with different taste preferences and levels of income.
Our company is constantly working on improving the recipes of our products, intending to reduce added saturated fat and salt.
One of the most important guidelines for developing our company’s products is creating product lines for consumers who want to lead a healthy diet, while not denying their favorite products. “Vyazanka” produces a line of sausages and nuggets that include turkey meat, making these products more healthy and low in calories.