Sustainable development Promoting responsible consumption and production

Promoting responsible consumption and production


The quality and safety of our products are the fundamental principles of Abi production. When producing the entire range of products, the company strictly observes recipes and standards regulated by regulatory documentation.
Reliable and safe packaging is an important part of any quality product that helps preserve its consumer properties. The majority of products manufactured by Abi are designed to allow transportation and storage at low temperatures, which require some additional features from the packaging solutions.
All materials used for the packaging of sausage products, frozen semi-cooked food, and frozen fully cooked products from Abi fully comply with the technical regulation of the Customs Union "On Packaging Safety" (CU TR 005/2011).
We use modern high-tech packaging materials and take into account innovative technology in increasing the number of eco-friendly solutions. For example, in 2020, Abi optimized the packaging of the weight formats of its sausages and wieners of “Vyazanka” brand by eliminating the use of an additional laminated film label, which reduced the total volume of packaging materials by 7.5 tons.

Waste sorting

Abi actively supports the initiative for waste sorting and recycling. Production sites and administrative complexes are equipped with special containers to sort waste, including plastic, which gets forwarded to recycling facilities.
Did you know that about a third of your trash can is full of by-polyester plastic bottles that are single-use PET bottles?
Within the framework of the project “Life of a plastic bottle”, large bins for collecting plastic bottles were placed around our offices.
The plastic bottles are then sent to recycling facilities
PET plastic is recyclable and can be used to make clothes, stationery items, furniture and even bicycles.

Industrial development and innovation

One of our priorities is the modernization of the technological process to reduce production and consumption waste and emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere. Every year, Abi introduces new technologies and equipment aimed at minimizing the negative impact on the environment.