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Our history

Abi has over 25 years of experience in the meat food market. The history of Abi is a path of growth that marks its start from a small regional plant in the Vladimir region to the leader of the Russian market in the production of convenient and easy-to-prepare meat food products.


Abi company presented the line of next-generation plant-based food products Foodgital on the Middle Eastern market. The presentation took place at the Saudi Agriculture 2022 international agro-industry trade fair in Riyadh.

In 2022, the company expanded its staff to more than 10,000 people.

The company continued to carry out significant investment projects for the construction of new production complexes for the Starodvorskie Kolbasy and Myasnaya galereya plants.

The modern and cozy canteens have started working in two new administrative buildings.

Abi has its own microbiological laboratory for quality control, ranging from input raw materials to control of finished products.


Abi completed the construction of two multi-story modern administrative buildings at the production sites of the Starodvorskiye Kolbasy factory.
Four Abi brands at a time - "Vyazanka", «Hot stuff", "Chebupeli" and "Starodvorye" - are included in the register of "Well-known trademarks in the Russian Federation"
By the end of 2021, the Abi confirmed its leading positions in terms of sales in all categories of presence in the Russian market. The total volume of the company's investments exceeded 4.4 billion rubles.
"Vyazanka" is #1 brand in Russia

The “Vyazanka” brand for the third time becomes the best in the Meat gastronomy: sausages category according to the results of the national consumer vote.

The «Hot stuff" brand celebrated its 10th anniversary and presented two novelties: premium dumplings «Grandmeni» and nuggets «Naggetos».

The brand " Hot stuff " has been acknowledged for the third time as one of the best food brands in Russia.


The company is carrying out a large-scale corporate rebranding, introducing its new name - Abi, and corporate identity. The changes reflect the essence of the company: a leader, an innovator, with unique consumer brands in all categories of its presence, and understanding the needs of its customers.
Abi presents a new line of sausage products “Dugushka” from the “Starodvor'ye” brand.
The brand “Goryachaya Shtuchka” has been in the Top 10 of the "Best Russian Food Brands" of the Best Brands Award for the second year in a row.
The "Vyazanka" brand becomes the winner of the "Product of the Year" award in the category "For customer care and natural ingredients," and introduces a new product of nuggets "Nyanyaggetsy."


Abi receives a record number of awards at the All-Russian quality contest "100 Best Goods of Russia." The company's four brands, "Starodvor'ye," "Vyazanka," "Goryachaya Shtuchka," and Yadryona kopot," won 26 awards, ten of which were gold.
"Vyazanka" is given the title "No. 1 moms' choice" brand (according to the Ipsos Comcon research Russian Target Group Index 2018/3rd wave and 2019/1st wave). For the second time, becoming the winner of the national consumer trust award "Brand No.1 in Russia" in the "Meat Gastronomy, sausages, wieners, and bockwursts" category.

Abi puts into operation the first stage of a new production complex at the "Starodvorskiye kolbasy" plant. The first stage of a modern, fully automated central warehouse complex with an area of 8,000 sq. m. and a capacity of more than 6,000 pallet spaces has started operating.

At the end of 2019, Abi becomes the absolute leader in Russia by sales volume in all categories of presence - sausages and sausage products, frozen semi-cooked food, and frozen fully-cooked products.

The "Yadryona kopot" brand begins the production of a new product category — Smoked meat snacks.
The assortment of the brand "Vyazanka" includes sausage products with turkey and reduced fat.
The "Goryachaya Shtuchka" brand is part of the TOP 10 "Best Russian Food Brands" of the Best Brands Award.


The Abi brand portfolio has combined two brands, and a single brand, "Starodvor'ye," was created. Since 2018, it combines two product lines of sausage products and frozen semi-cooked food segments, previously called "Starodvorskiye Kolbasy" and "Starodvorskiye Pelmeni."
"Starodvor'ye" and "Vyazanka" received the highest awards of "100 Best Goods of Russia." The brand of innovative products "Goryachaya Shtuchka," took bronze at the Effie Awards Russia, an award for achievements in advertising and marketing in Russia.

The "Goryachaya Shtuchka" brand received the national consumer trust award "Brand No. 1 in Russia" in the category "Frozen fully cooked products."


"Vyazanka" begins to develop as an independent brand. The brand received the national consumer trust award "Brand No. 1 in Russia" in the category "Meat Gastronomy, sausages, wieners, and bockwursts.”
The brand "Vyazanka" ranks first among all producers in Russia regarding share and number of consumers among women with children (data provided by the research agency Ipsos Comcon based on the regular Russian Target Group Index 2017/3rd wave survey).

Abi's investment package for 2017 includes about 2.5 billion rubles.


The project to expand production facilities continues. Investments at the end of the year exceeded 1.5 billion rubles, allowing an increase in the production capacity by 25%.
For the first time, Abi participates in "Prodexpo," an international exhibition of food, beverages, and raw materials where the company won 7 awards in the competitions "Best Product," "Innovative Product" and "Choice of Chains."

Abi is among the most creative advertisers in Russia, along with Sberbank, Google, SUN Inbev, Yandex, S7Airlines, IKEA, and McDonald's.

At the end of 2016, Abi became one of the largest taxpayers in the region among enterprises operating in the real sector of the economy.


"Goryachaya Shtuchka" won three gold medals at the international exhibition "Peterfood." The products of the "Starodvorskiye kolbasy' plant were awarded for the sixth time in the All-Russian competition "100 Best Goods of Russia" in the category "Food Products."

In November, the "Starodvorskiye kolbasy" plant received an award from the Department of Agriculture and Food of the Administration of the Vladimir Region. It was named the best meat processing enterprise in the region.

Total investments in the development of production facilities amounted to more than 500 million rubles.


Abi reports on the combination of its existing operating facilities in Vladimir. Now, its entire range of sausage products is under the production of ZAO "Starodvorskiye kolbasy," and frozen semi-cooked and fully-cooked food are produced by ZAO "Myasnaya galereya."

"Starodvorskiye kolbasy" products were awarded gold medals in the "100 Best Goods of Russia" All-Russian quality contest.

An independent ranking compiled by RBC in 2014 shows that Abi is one of the largest companies in Russia.


The production of frozen semi-cooked food "Starodvorskiye pelmeni" has started.

To promote the brand "Goryachaya Shtuchka," the first federal advertising campaign in Abi's history was conducted, including TV promotion, outdoor advertising, and holding promotions in retail chains. A new product, "Bulmeni" has been created — dumplings with broth inside.


Production of a new premium line of GOST sausage products under the "Starodvorskiye kolbasy." In the same year, products of this line were awarded the silver medal in the "Product of the Year" quality contest at the 21st World Food Moscow International Food and Beverage Exhibition.

"Pocom" and "Myasnaya galereya" meat processing plants were combined into a single production complex of "Myasnaya galereya."

As part of the "Starodvorskiye kolbasy" brand, the "Vyazanka" product line released cooked sausages in hand-tied netting.


The production of hot meat snacks under the "Goryachaya Shtuchka" brand has begun. A unique product has been developed — "Belmeshi," which has no analogs on the market.
"Starodvorskiye kolbasy" сervelats won prizes among boiled and smoked sausages at the 10th International Forum Meat Industry, Moscow.


A unique product developed — "Chebupeli," which became the founder of the category of hot meat snacks. Trademark registered under Chebupeli©.


Premium cervelats introduced to the market. The company's products won gold medals at "Peterfood," St. Petersburg, in the category of "Innovative Product."


The products of the “Starodvorskiye kolbasy” were awarded the gold and silver medals of the IFFA 2007, Frankfurt.


The production of smoked sausages under the “Yadryona kopot” brand has begun.


Three meat processing plants were put into operation.

In 2004, the "Starodvorskiye Kolbasy" meat processing plant was built in Vladimir, specializing in producing a wide range of sausage products. The production of sausages under the brand name “Starodvorskiye kolbasy” has begun. The "Voskhodyashchaya Zvezda" meat processing plant was built in Kaliningrad. We have created our freight forwarding and logistics company. In 2005, the "Myasnaya galereya" plant, which produces frozen semi-cooked food and ready-to-eat products, was implemented.


A meat processing plant specializing in the production of frozen semi-cooked food started its operation.


The assortment of frozen semi-cooked food in the dough has expanded, and new recipes for meat delicacies have developed.


We have created our distribution network in the regions of Russia. Local representative offices opened to promote products and expand the sales geography in the Moscow region, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Yaroslavl, Stavropol, and other cities. The company also distributes its products directly through regional logistics centers in Vladimir, Moscow, Yaroslavl, Krasnodar, Stavropol, and Yekaterinburg.


The first meat processing plant started operating in Vladimir, marking the beginning of Abi's history.