Abi - unique consumer brands in different categories of convenient and easy-to-prepare food. All of the company's products are characterized by the consistency of taste and high quality.
Abi operates three factories in which all production sites of the company are equipped with advanced European equipment, including Dominioni, Pavan, CFS, Balpe, Handtmann, Poly-Clip, Repak, Espera, Laska, Multivac, Autotherm, Fessman, Bizerba, Vemag, Kramer+Grabe, etc.
Powerful production bases, modern technological resources, HACCP, and GOST RISO 22000-2007 operating standards make it possible to produce high-quality products that consumers know and trust.

“Starodvorskiye kolbasy” CJSC

“Starodvorskiye kolbasy” CJSC (Vladimir, Russia) specializes in the production of sausage products under the “Starodvor'ye”, “Vyazanka”, “Bavarushka”, “Yadryona kopot” brands. The plant has its own research center and modern production facilities that meet European safety standards.
Quality control is provided by the HACCP system, which allows us to track the entire sausage production process. Food product safety is protected by the quality control standard GOST R ISO 22000-2007.

“Voskhodyashchaya Zvezda” LLC

“Voskhodyashchaya zvezda” LLC (Kaliningrad, Russia) produces sausage products. The plant is equipped with modern equipment that allows us to control the quality and safety of our products at every stage of production.
The company meets the requirements of state and international standards, within which the HACCP system is implemented.

“Myasnaya galereya” CJSC

“Myasnaya galereya” CJSC (Vladimir, Russia) produces frozen semi-cooked food and frozen fully cooked products of the following brands: “Vyazanka”, “Goryachaya Shtuchka”, “Starodvor'ye”, “Yadryona kopot”.
The plant has developed and implemented the food safety management system that meets the requirements of GOST RISO 22000-2007, taking into account GOST R 54762-2011, as well as the HACCP quality control system. The company is equipped with modern high-tech equipment, which allows maximum automation and quality control at each stage of production. 

The remaining equipment and components for Abi production complexes are provided by LLC “Techservice”, which is part of the group.

Quality and safety

The quality and safety of our products are fundamental principles of production and the main priorities of Abi. When producing our products, the company strictly observes regulated recipes and standards in regulatory documentation.
As a market leader whose products are an integral part of Russian residents’ lives, we are particularly careful about safety and quality control processes throughout the entire production chain. Our company constantly monitors the emergence of new advanced technologies - this applies to raw stock and recipe solutions, packaging, and many other aspects.
All production stock such as meat, flour, spices, and packaging materials undergo strict inspection for compliance with regulatory requirements. As part of our product control strategy, Abi improved the express analysis system of raw meat and introduced a modern method of analyzing the properties of flour using an Alveograph.
Alveograph – tool for flour quality measurement that allows us to optimize the composition of grain and flour.
The production process has a high degree of automation due to the high-tech equipment of leading European brands. In addition, qualified technologists and engineers supervise the production of our products.
Each batch of finished products passes mandatory tests for compliance with the requirements of GOST or TR. The company conducts research in our physical and chemical laboratory and then sends samples to accredited research institutions.
Abi brand products have repeatedly won various professional competitions, such as “Prodexpo”, “100 Best Products in Russia” and national competitions like “People's Trust Awards”, “Brand No 1 in Russia”, “Best Brands” etc., where the main experts and judges are consumers.
The company conducts research both on the basis of our own physical and chemical laboratory and then sends samples to accredited research institutions.