Foodgital is a brand without stereotypes that helps consumers feel every moment of life, be its active participant, and not miss any experience. This is stated by each product of the brand – delicious, bright, and unique.


Foodgital green products are a new way to experience traditional taste of meet and keep a healthy balance at the same time for everyone.

Foodgital products are made of 100% plant-based protein which is a source of protein and complex carbs.

Chickpeas and peas are a source of strength because they provide a high amount of daily protein in Foodgital products (this figure varies from 20 to 30% of daily rate in different products).

Wheat is a stable source of long-term energy due to its complex carbs.

Advantages of Foodgital green products:

1. 100% natural plant-based protein supply protein to the body;

2. Wheat is a source of long-term energy;

3. Natural plant oils are a source of Omega-3, Omega-6 and vitamin E;

4. Natural spices and herbs offer the familiar taste and aroma of meat dishes;

5. Only natural ingredients without unnecessary additives and GMOs.

Chebupie #SweetiePie from Foodgital is all you need to make your break even more enjoyable.

New Chebupie #SweetiePie from Foodgital is a dessert pastry for tea with a lot of juicy and sweet fillings with natural ingredients in rich golden dough.

It is all you need to make your break even more enjoyable.

Advantages of Chebupie:

1.      dessert pastry for tea in rich golden dough;

2.      a lot of juicy and sweet fillings;

3.      just 2 minutes in microwave oven and dessert is ready;

4.      with natural ingredients.

Four Foodgital brand products (chebupeli, chebureks, nuggets, cutlets) have been selected for the SIAL Innovation Competition Award 2023.


  • Логотип награды SIAL Innovation Competition Award 2023, Shanghai
    SIAL Innovation Selected product
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