One of the values of the Abi is responsibility to consumers and society. For more than 25 years, the company has been providing people from different countries with convenient and easy-to-prepare food, participating in the elimination of hunger.

With care for nature, the Abi implements environmental initiatives, with care for people – social projects for various communities.

The expansion of the company entails the emergence of new jobs, training programs for young professionals, obtaining new professions for those who already have experience, and the growth of support programs for the population in the regions where the company operates.

A quarterly campaign "Donor Day"

For many years, Abi has been organizing a quarterly campaign "Donor Day". Willing employees, who are becoming more and more every time, visit a mobile blood transfusion station right on the production site. The donation procedure lasts only 15 minutes, but in the future, the obtained blood and its components save the lives of people with cancer, hospital patients after complex surgical operations, severe childbirth, burns and injuries. As part of one campaign, the staff of the Ai provides doctors with about 20 liters of blood. For caring about public health, the company encourages participants with food packages, as well as additional days off to recuperate.

Partnerships with educational institutions

The involvement of Abi in the social life of society is also manifested through interaction with young specialists. The company establishes partnerships with educational institutions throughout Russia. Mutually beneficial cooperation implies joint educational activities with the prospect of further employment of students with a strong employer Abi.

Thus, since the autumn of 2021, the educational program "Territory of Marketing" has been launched on the basis of Vladimir State University. Together with the institution, Abi has prepared a special branded audience, made in the company's colors and decorated with elements of corporate identity. In it, students mastering management and marketing reinforce the theory of university teachers with lectures from top managers and practical cases from Abi. This has a positive effect on the level of training of students, the best of whom are interning and starting to build their careers in a large company.

Today, the implementation of the Marketing Territory program continues. In addition, every year dozens of graduates of higher educational institutions choose Abi as a place of pre-graduate practice. Young specialists prepare their research papers not only in offices, mastering the professions of logistics, HR, management, but also in production. In order to acquaint future applicants with its features, the company has developed an "Open Production" program. In the foreseeable future, organized groups of students will be able to attend sightseeing tours of the Abi industrial locations without interfering with the production process.