Sustainable development Contribution to the Russian economy and food security

Contribution to the Russian economy and food security

Sausage products, frozen semi-cooked food, and frozen fully cooked products are presented throughout Russia and are available to more than 140 million residents. 
The company annually invests in the development of production facilities and automation, as well as infrastructure improvements. In 2021 alone, the total investment in production was 4.4 billion rubles.
retail outlets throughout Russia have Abi products on their shelves
4.4 billion rubles
total investment volume
in production for 2021
Abi supports domestic manufacturers. Most of the purchases that meet the company’s needs are bought from Russian suppliers:
Meat and by-products
(pork, chicken, beef, and turkey)
Flour, dairy and egg products, cheeses and oils
Packaging materials
General purpose goods
(office supplies, furniture, workwear, etc.).


The company's priorities are to maintain the stability of the food supply throughout Russia, creating new jobs, and maintaining an active investment policy.

The company is one of the backbone enterprises of the Vladimir region and is one of the major taxpayers. In 2021, Abi's total tax payments amounted to 3.9 billion rubles. Contributions are direct to insurance funds, which ensure social stability for the company's employees and families. In 2021, Abi transferred more than 300 million rubles to the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund and 1,2 billion rubles to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.

3.9 billion rubles
total Abi tax remissions in 2021
1.6 billion rubles
the volume of tax remissions to the budget of the Vladimir region in 2021
1.2 billion rubles
Abi transferred to the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund
Abi pays close attention to social projects aimed at supporting both the company's employees, their families, and external charitable organizations. Thus, “Vyazanka” is a partner of the “MnogoMama” Foundation, which helps large families throughout Russia.