Lyubitelskaya Starodvorskaya sausage


Minced meat for the “Starodvor’ye” sausages from the ‘Golden roast’ series is first soaked in brine with fragrant spices, making it extra juicy and aromatic. Then sausages are baked in the oven until they have a golden crust. It is important that the casing is transparent, as this is how villagers once monitored the color of the crust on the sausage when baked in the oven. It should be roasted – to reach a perfect balance between juicy and tender inside and a baked crust on the outside.

Lyubitel'skaya Starodvorskaya is a sausage familiar to everyone from childhood with delicate pork fat and classic flavor in cellophane-wrapped packaging.

1.4 kg
Calorie content
204 kcal
18 g
10,5 g


Unfortunately, the product is currently not available for order in online hypermarkets.

You can purchase the product at a store near your home.

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